Saturday, November 25, 2006

Default route simulation is fast. But if you wish you can change the settings so that the route simulation will be in normal speed. Do following:
Create a text file called SYS.TXT and add following lines


Now place this file in your IGO directory on your storage card.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

When you approach a roundabout (rotary/traffic circle) then voice  instructions are given 800, 300 and 100 metres prior, but only the very last one tells you which exit to take. It would be much better if the 300 meter announcement would contain the complete instructions, including the number of the exit to take.
So now we are going to change the voice instructions. The voice file is stored in the map voice, every zip file is a voice you can select in I-go or Miomap. In the zip file you find an file called commands.csv. We have to modify this file, extract this file to yoour pc with full file path. after the modifications we have to add this file to the zip file also with full file path.

Look for following line in the file:
"prepare_to enter roundabout in %dist"

Replace this line with following:
"in %dist enter roundabout take %exit exit"

Now we have a voice command in 300 meters prior to the roundabout telling which exit we have to take.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

In this first article i will explain how to customize the startscreen. The startscreen is located in the file, before you make modifications make sure you have made a backup of this file. In this file you can find 3 or 2 files named "loading1.jpg", "loading2.jpg" or "loading3.jpg".

Loading1.jpg is used for 240x320 resolution, loading2.jpg is used for 320x240 resolution. Loading3.jpg is only used in I-go for the 240x240 resolution for the hp ipaq hw6500,6510 and hw6515. Extract the loading files inclusive pathname to your pc, then replace the loading jpg with the new loadin.jpg and add these new files to the file.

Below are customized startscreens for I-go and Miomap v3.2. Click on an image for full picture which can be saved to your own computer.




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